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Repairs to panel buildings are subject no. 1 in today’s housing situation. This is caused both by the number of people living in these buildings, the age of the panel housing developments and also the fact that these developments create the appearance of many town areas, or whole towns. For these reasons the extreme solution of demolition is not only unsuitable but also financially unbearable. This is why we also introduce the use of stainless steel, screw shaped reinforcement technology for this type of structural repair.

Use for repairs to structural damage in panel buildings is excellent, because the whole system does not have to be applied into deep grooves and there is no need to cut through existing structural reinforcing elements. The fact that this method is not time-consuming is a suitable element when taking into account the price demands on scaffolding. Another plus is that the application of this system is performed from outside of the building and consequently it is not necessary to move the inhabitants out. After application to the building there are no extra structures and application of insulation is consequently without restriction.

Application takes place according to patent no. EP 0494099 for application of these types of products. In the simplified description this concerns application into grooves and boreholes according to technological procedures adapted to local conditions. The grooves used most often are 8-100 mm wide and their depth is adapted to the placement of the existing reinforcing element, so that it is not damaged. Boreholes are 14 mm in diameter to depths required by the specific application. All depths and lengths are determined individually according to the building survey for which we have the necessary equipment, and contacts with certified laboratories, because we are aware of the uniqueness of each building.

An 8 mm cross-section is used where better connectivity through wider wings is necessary. But thanks to the manufacturing process (rolling) less material can be used than is usual with round reinforcing elements.

For extra heavy applications we have 10 mm rods, which in combination with the wings provide a product with extremely high tensile and shearing strength.

Application is particularly suitable for:

Stitching together panel sandwiches
Reinforcing balcony panels
Securing attics

Suitable materials: