structural reinforcement


STATI-CAL 30N is a non-shrinking, thixotropic filler on a cement basis with excellent properties adapted for application by hand application gun.

It is supplied in 16 litre buckets and contains two components: a powder and liquid, which after mixing provide a 3 or 6 litre batch for grouting.

The proportionate quantity of the powder component compared to the liquid component ensures constant properties and an initial hardness within a short period. It has been developed so that it fills in all free space during grouting. The strength of the join between the mortar used for grouting and the surrounding area is subsequently extremely increased thanks to the expansive properties of the filler.
STATI-CAL 30N filler can be used for gluing metal elements into nearly all types of masonry, concrete, bricks, stone, gas silicate, etc. The filler is more or less designed for use with other Stati-CAL system products as a joining element. You will find additional details in the materials to individual products.

STATI-CAL 30N was designed to be an ideal alternative to Polyester resin, the use of which would be too risky in some cases because it is flammable. High-rise buildings are a very good example. Inflammable and odourless, however STATI-CAL 30N also has other properties that surpass its possible use instead of resins.

A package of Stati-CAL filler always ensures a constant quality of the mixture with definite properties. The package contains everything that you need – there should be nothing left in the package after use and even more emphatically there is nothing that you need to add. Any mistake by the applicator has been nearly eliminated.

Apart from the two components each package also contains a 16-litre bucket to keep the mixture clean. STATI-CAL 30N is offered in two basic packages, 3 litre and 6 litre.

Typical compressive strength at a temperature of 20 C, 100 mm cubic under supervision and when damp hardening is presented in the following table.
  • Thixotropic. Does not fall off when applied to ceilings.
  • Non-shrinking. Increases cohesion.
  • Packaged so that it always has the same properties.
  • Easily pumped, even for long distances.
  • Fills in all free spaces during grouting.
  • Non-flammable and odourless.
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Stati-CAL Historic - filler for monument buildings
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