structural reinforcement


Originally these anchors were invented in cooperation with British Rail for anchoring the delaminated faces of bridge arches. Today however they are widely applied wherever a simple and economic solution is desirable.
StatiTIE can also be used for anchorage in normal masonry, specifically for anchorage through a crack or securing leaning walls.

Essentially this is a reinforcing element with a 8 mm cross-section, which is made of 304 stainless steel (X5CrNi 18-10) in combination with STATI-CAL 30N filler. This filler has unique pumping, non-shrinking and thixotropic qualities.
Installation of these anchors takes place through drilled apertures of a 12 – 16 mm diameter. The possibility of potential damage to the masonry structure is nearly excluded, during which time installation is quick and basically takes place from outside the building so that building operation is not limited during repair work.
Thank to installation it is not possible to continuously perform non-destructive tests during the course of application. In spite of this we are able to test the load, but only after initial hardening. The tested anchor will be installed during application so that 50-75 mm remains above the surface of the application. Then using the test unit we can simply measure the tensile load on the selected anchor.
STATI-CAL filler is completely hard after 28 days, however tests may be performed after 10 days of application. To check that the filler is in all free spaces the only solution is a destructive test, but this is only used in critical situations.
StatiTIE has one limitation, this being the length of the bore into which it can be applied. In usual numbers, this being approx. 1500 mm because of the limited manufacture of SDS drill-bits in 12-16 mm diameters. Another possibility is core drilling, which can attain slightly longer depths.

Cooperation between the STATI-CAL filler and the StatiTIE 8 mm reinforcing element creates ideal conditions during repairs. Even though STATI-CAL 30N is a very rigid material (>30 N/mm2 ), in cooperation with the flexible and elastic material of StatiTIE it allows a certain level of movement within the repaired masonry structure. As is proven by our experience, movement within the masonry is a specific guarantee of its long service life. Very rigid anchoring elements that prevent any movement of the masonry may result in an accumulated problem, which may lead to a catastrophe.

STATI-CAL 30N is designed in such a composition that it has thixotropic properties. Which means that under slight pressure it will fill in caverns and other possible spaces within the borehole and at the same time it does not run off during application. The hardening time is very short and during hardening a slight increase in volume occurs, which results in an increase of the anchorage strength. Stati-CAL filler is supplied in 3 and 6-litre packaging, which guarantees a constant composition of the mixture every time.
Application of these anchors was invented so that it could take place by means of a light application gun with an extension. STATI-CAL 30N filler is applied to the borehole under the pressure of the handgun and thanks to this slight pressure it fills in all spaces, even around the borehole, in the masonry.

StatiTIE is stainless steel material in accordance with DIN X5CrNi 18-10 with a very specific shape to improve its hold in the filler. Because it is manufactured from stainless steel there is no need to coat the reinforcing element in an alkali environment.
  • Fast and simple installation.
  • Cement filler will also fill in the surrounding area of the borehole.
  • Light installation equipment.
  • A strong but flexible join.
  • Minimum damage to buildings.
A wide range of lengths for correct application